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Reduce Stress, Improve Your Sleep & Enhance Libido With Life Enhancing Laminine

Are you stressed out? Well, Welcome to 2012, planet earth, out of control. A stress filled world. So, what’s the answer?

“Avoid Stress”. Sure, you’ve heard that before. So, what are you supposed to do, avoid your wife or husband, better yet, the kids. How about avoiding those bill collectors and your boss, or the insane manager, who just doesn’t get it? Maybe the manager is you.

Maybe you can’t meet payroll and you’re about to get fired, and the list goes on and on…divorce, death, disability, termination, and those crazy.. Unexpected life events. Hey, let’s not forget “The Economy”, and everything else that is out of your control. Or is it?

What is real solution for this “all time pan-epidemic ” problem of the 21st century. And, why does it even matter?

As an anti-aging physician, I see lots of patients who are just stressed out, can’t sleep, moody and irritable, and sometimes, just plain, mean. Stress related problems are one of the five reasons why I see adult patients. Chronic, and unrelieved stress has been shown to “shrink the brain”, according to researchers reported in the journal, Biological Psychiatry, and it also increases free radical generation in many tissues of the body, especially the brain. Seems like protecting the brain is must for anti-aging.

Good nutritionals for stress might include 5 HTP (helps increase serotonin), St. John’s Wort, SAMe, saffron, etc., etc. The list goes on and on.

In short, I love it when I find the right nutritional that answers specific needs, since I have been taking supplements to retard my own aging for the past thirty years. Well, this new addition to my supplement family is just what the doctor (Me) ordered. There may not be a literal “fountain of youth”, but I will continue to look for it and use the best remedies that I can find. That’s why I think Laminine deserves more attention, now and not later.

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