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How to Use Qi Gong to Defeat the Disease Process and Stay Healthy for Life

grandmaster tedThis Thursday I have the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Symeon Rodger as part of the teleseries ‘Conversations with Dr. Shelby-Lane’.

Dr. Rodger is joining us to discuss what is perhaps the single greatest energy healing system ever devised – Chinese Qi Gong. I have explored many relaxation and healing techniques, and Dr. Rodger is a master of healing. You will be amazed at how he can help you find synergy in your health and healing. You will enjoy this online presentation and you will get immediate benefits.

Dr. Rodger is a university professor, a martial arts expert, a married priest of the Eastern Orthodox Church, and he used to run Top Secret intelligence operations for the Canadian government. A sought after speaker and consultant on human resilience and leading expert in the personal development systems of the ancient world, I’m thrilled to have him join us!

As an expert in Qi Gong, Dr. Rodger will help you understand how this practice can be used to defeat disease processes so you stay healthy for life.

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Breast Cancer Risk: How does hormone imbalance increase breast cancer risk?

We had a FANTASTIC conversation with Dr. Eldred Taylor on Thursday night!

Dr. Taylor covered a vast amount of information related to breast cancer and hormones and answered a significant number of listener questions. Here are a few of the questions covered:

  • Why do doctors continue prescribing a medication if research has shown negative results?
  • If mammograms are not the best way to detect breast cancer, what is?
  • What is the connection between stress and cancer risk?
  • How does hormone imbalance increase cancer risk?
  • What steps can you take with your diet and lifestyle to reduce cancer risk?

If you weren’t able to make the call live, the replay will be available for 96 hours.

To access the replay register at:

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Breast Cancer & Hormones: The Big Debate

Join me next Thursday as I speak with Dr. Eldred Taylor to discuss “It’s not Just Hormones.” I’ve had the pleasure of hearing him speak on this topic before and I can’t wait for you to hear what he has to say. As always, you’ll have the opportunity to ask your questions!

When: Thursday, October 28, 2010
Time: 8 PM eastern until 9:30 PM eastern (
Host: Cynthia Shelby-Lane, MD
Special Guest: Dr. Eldred Taylor
Cause: Breast Cancer Awareness Discussion

Register to participate at

Here’s a little background information on Dr. Taylor:

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What is the connection between cholesterol and sex?


Last night’s call with Dr. Bentley went off without a hitch as we discussed “Sex, Lies, and Cholesterol” in-depth!

Here are just a few of the questions we covered:

  • Why do some people have higher cholesterol numbers?
  • Why has there been such an emphasis on lowering the cholesterol numbers?
  • How many people are on cholesterol lowering medications?
  • What can happen if cholesterol levels get to low?

And, of course. . . What is the connection between cholesterol and sex?

I especially enjoyed how Dr. Bentley provided practical steps you can take now if you are currently taking statin medications.

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