Is Your Cellphone Killing You?

We started the conversation about cell phones, cordless phones, wireless technology, and earthing with with Dr. Sinatra. A very eye opening conversation. We continue the conversation with Dr. Kerry Crofton, PhD.

I had the unique pleasure of discussing the question “Aging Well in the Digital Age – What We Need to Know About the Safer Use of Cell Phones & Other Wireless Radiation Concerns” with Dr. Kerry Crofton. Are these devices harming you or even yet, killing you?

Users…..BEWARE. “Be Aware” of the dangers that lurk in cyberspace.

We had a the most incredible and fantastic call with Dr. Kerry Crofton, discussing “Aging Well in the Digital Age – What We Need to Know About the Safer Use of Cell Phones & Other Wireless Radiation Concerns”.

Listen to the replay, to get the update and the links that could save your life, and that of your family. We are now entering, The Twilight Zone of radiation.

BE informed. (the book and the website)

Kerry Crofton, Ph.D. is a health educator, concerned parent and author of the award-winning book, Wireless Radiation Rescue – How to Use Cell Phones More Safely and Other Safer-Tech Solutions (Global WellBeing Books, 2012)

For the past several years, Kerry has focused on electro-pollution. In researching this book, and working with prominent experts, she has become well versed in this issue. She is not a scientist; her expertise lies in health education, coaching people and organizations in effective change, and defending the public’s right to know. Her clinical background has turned out to be an asset; many people dealing with electro-sensitivity, as well as digital addiction and detox, have benefitted from her counselling. Kerry has brought together the research and recommendations of leading authorities, and with their collaboration she has developed an effective plan – the basis of this book.

Here are a few of the questions we discussed:

  • Digital technology and cell phones, Wi-Fi and wireless devices are everywhere and an integral part of our daily lives in our homes, schools and the workplace – Why is this a concern?
  • Aren’t government safety limits protecting us?
  • Who are most vulnerable among us, and what can we do to protect them?
  • How do we know if exposure to this radiation is harming us – and how do clinicians recognize related symptoms and conditions in their patients?
  • What treatment protocols are being used with electro-sensitivity?

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