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Skin Rejuvenation — Can You Really Look 10 Years Younger?

It’s the age old pursuit, “the fountain of youth”. Amazingly, it begins with our skin. People not only want to look and feel better, they also want to look younger.
There’s no shame in that. So my guest, Dr. Seymour Weaver, is an expert in the area of Skin Rejuvenation. Please join me for an anti-aging conversation that can help you keep your skin lovely and youthful, from the inside out.

This Thursday, July 19th, 2012 at 8 PM eastern (, I have the pleasure of discussing the “Skin Rejuvenation — What Should You Do First? Can You Really Look 10 Years Younger?” with Dr. Seymour Weaver.

Dr. Seymour Weaver is a pioneer in the treatment of problem skin with lasers, and a wide range of other esthetic treatments. Dr. Weaver is specifically recognized for his expertise in anti-aging; treating hair loss and scalp disorders; laser treatments; as well as body shaping procedures. He also engages in medical and surgical dermatology.

Dr. Weaver is board-certified, re-certified, and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. He is also a member of numerous other professional societies. He received his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine. He then completed a medical internship at Los Angeles County/USC medical center and dermatology training at Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Weaver also studied tropical dermatology in Nairobi, Kenya, at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

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Infertility: It’s more than just your ovaries

Here’s hoping everyone had a great Independence Day celebration, even with the HEAT Wave and Thunderstorms (here, in the US)!

This evening — Thursday, July 5th, 2012 — at 8 PM eastern (, I have the pleasure of discussing the “Infertility: It’s more than just your ovaries” with Dr. Patrick Flynn.

In 2002, 2 million American women of reproductive age were infertile. Infertility is also common among men. In fact, iinfertility is actually a global issue. Data from the CDC shows that “The desire to have children is powerful and widespread, but for a size able minority it is not easily fulfilled. Challenges to fertility arise from genetic abnormalities, infectious or environmental agents, delayed childbearing, behavior, and certain diseases. Awareness of the potential risks may lead some people to adopting corrective behaviors and maintain fertility. Many people, however, find themselves coping with infertility.”

Treatment for infertility is fairly complex and along with fertility treatment facilities, many have turned to a more holistic approach. Treatment remedies include modalities such as acupuncture, yoga, massage diet/nutrition, herbs, vitamins, counseling/support groups and yes, even laughter therapy (clowning).

Dr. Patrick Flynn is an expert in the area of infertility, and the use of complementary therapies for this rising health concern. We will discuss the ABC’s and D’s of infertility.

Here are a few of the questions we’ll discuss:

  • Where does the current healthcare system go wrong when dealing with infertility?
  • Is in vitro the answer?
  • Is it the same approach for every woman?
  • Does stress affect a woman’s chances of getting pregnant?
  • How does birth control impact fertility?

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