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Surprising Consequences of Root Canals

You might be surprised to find out what results from a root canal. Dr. Hal Huggins talks about the research he’s done into root canals and how they might be one of the biggest reasons for disease and sickness. Dr. Huggins explains how a root canal is performed and how that process leads to bacteria in your blood.

FDA drafts mobile medical app regulations

BREAKING: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a draft guidance on which mobile medical apps should be regulated as medical devices. The guidance includes a laundry list of apps that would fall into the regulated group along with a handful that would not.

MobiHealthNews spent yesterday parsing the FDA’s 30-page guidance document, which the agency made public this morning. In anticipation of the announcement, MobiHealthNews also interviewed FDA policy advisor Bakul Patel and the FDA Director of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health Dr. Jeffrey Shuren for more perspective.

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I Need to Lose Weight and Fast – Should I Join a Gym?

As a weight loss physician and consultant, I try to assess how much activity a person doing on a daily basis, such as walking with a pedometer, or climbing steps, or yoga, or going to a gym, or any activity they like to do, CONSISTENTLY. How to get started with a fitness program and how to stay consistent are real concerns.

I just evaluated a patient who weighs 335 lbs since last year, and she told me she had been walking one mile a day for the past year, and low and behold….she still weighs 335lbs. She said her doctor reviewed her food diary and told her to eat more fruits and veggies, etc. She doesn’t fry her chicken, she sautes it. Good.

But upon further investigation, she said she walks at a slow pace, and she actually walks 3.5 miles three times a week (not one mile daily) and she does this in one- half hour to 45 minutes. RED Flag. Could there be some alteration of the truth.. Then she said that her primary care doctor didn’t have time to explain things to her and he was very busy, seeing three people at a time, and she doesn’t really know what to eat…and on and on, while her cell phone rang three times during her visit with me. She even answered it.

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Health Care in a Broken System? The New Prescription…

Do you want to know how to obtain the best health care available for less money?

The health care system is broken, but there are still solutions to this ongoing problem, that plagues millions of Americans?

The self employed, entrepreneurs, fully insured, under-insured, and uninsured, all suffer from the same condition….a broken system.

The many answers, oddly enough, may be in your own hands, as a consumer.

This Thursday we’ll be speaking with Dr. Cynthia Haines, the author of the book The New Prescription: How to Get the Best Health Care in a Broken System.

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